Concert without smartphones is possible!

Share Souvie Magnets with your fans.



Innovative souvenirs with photos and videos from concert.


Souvenir from an unforgettable concert, perfect for a magnetic board or refrigerator in your home. 

Video and Photo Content

Provide fans with exclusive video and photo content via QR codes, which they can transfer to their cloud.

Enjoy the concert!

Let the fans enjoy concert without filming during the concert. Let them know that videos and photos will be waiting for them!


All information about Souvie Magnets.

How is it designed?

Order a magnet for each concert attendee. Distribute the magnets to attendees on the day of the concert, and the video & photo content will be available on a QR code after the concert. Once the content is available, attendees will be notified by email and will be able to transfer the content to their own cloud. 

What content will attendees receive?

The idea is for attendees to receive video recordings of all performances, atmospheric photos, and exclusive backstage footage. 


The price may vary depending on the type of magnet, quantity, and whether you want to give or sell magnets to concert attendees.. 

How do we record the concert?

To capture the concert, it needs to be recorded. We offer the option of hiring a videographer who will capture all the moments you want to share with the audience via Souvie Magnets.

Magnet Design?

We provide a graphic designer from our team who will prepare an appropriate magnet design based on the concert theme.

When do we give magnets to attendees? 

You can distribute magnets to concert attendees at the entrance, after they show their ticket.


Contact us and let's make a plan for your concert!